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Where’s my wife?

It’s been almost a month now that I’m married and I don’t even know who my wife is! 🙂

Every junior who happens to talk to me asks the same question – Heard you’ve had a registered marriage! And you didn’t even tell me? All thanks to that wonderful person who’s started the rumour. And I wish I knew who that holy soul is!

Before the rumor does any more damage, This is just to officially declare that there was no registered marriage! I’m pretty much a bachelor! 🙂

Ah! and if you happen to trace out that virtual wife of mine please do ask her to sign the same declaration here! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Where’s my wife?”

    giri says:

    You are too young for marriage!

    good one!

    Dude! Neither am I interested ! 🙂

    Rakesh Chintha says:

    hey sri.. wats happening out there…

    is evryhting ok?? if u r not comfortable revealing secrets here… u can catch me on any messenger..:P

    so wen wil u unleash the mystery?? :P:P

    Rakesh Chintha says:

    sri ga.. naaakedho nemeedhane doubt ga undhi ra…

    arvind says:

    i am a bit depressed the rumour dint reach my ears 🙁

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