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The Heron’s up there in the Servers!

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The Ubuntu family has now doled out their latest OS – Ubuntu 8.04 code named – Hardy Heron. This release is more than different when compared to it’s previous releases. Majorly because it’s got a Wubi installer which facilitates installation directly from a Windows platform. The OS gets installed on the same partition just like any other software application, thus relieving a linux noobie from all the hassles of partitioning a drive. It can also be uninstalled just like any other app. through the Add/ Remove programs. 🙂

Hardy Heron is a Long term Support ( LTS ) version. The Ubuntu community release LTS versions once in every two years and I belive this version is going to be supported till 2011 ! For server editions the support is for Five years! 🙂

Hardy comes in with the Firefox 3 ( Still in the Late stages of Beta ), Open Office 2.40 and the GIMP (2.4.5) . Early reviews suggest the OS is pretty stable and gels with a breeze in Windows.  Ubuntu 7.04 ( Gutsy Gibbon ) literally smirked at Vista. Wonder what Hardy has in store!

Any reasons why you shouldn’t be giving this  a shot? 🙂

Rush and download it from here !


4 thoughts on “The Heron’s up there in the Servers!”

    Installing an OS just like any application inside another OS is simply amazing..

    Hmmmm open source world is getting smarter by the day…

    Wubi is one step towards the masses. But i had to ditch Ubuntu 8.04 just because The thing won’t detect my monitor settings. I’m hanging on to openSUSE!

    off topic, where’s my reply to the scrap i’ve posted in your scrapbook?
    How’s pune?

    I must have missed out on that! Doin’ great…and back to the TUD 🙂
    Wubi would definitely pull in the crowd..but then that’s almost equivalent to giving your shotgun to your hardcore rival..Any goof up on your Windows could lead to Ubuntu being crashed. Hence for those me 🙂 who prefer having a backup OS always ready to fire up when the other one crashes Wubi wouldn’t serve the purpose!
    Don’t blame me…It’s the human mind at work..Always brings to light the negative aspects first 😉 !

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