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Transition from v1.0 to v2.0

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I was just sifting through a few of my previous posts couple of minutes back and even before I realized, something came in as a wonderful surprise. My first post was dated March 10th ‘07 and that means It’s been exactly one year that I started rambling on WordPress. It’s been a wonderful journey all along.

WordPress has been one beautiful tool to rant and rave at my whims. It gave me the flexibility which Blogger didn’t match ( and I believe it still doesn’t !), the flexibility that I could deploy when required, the aesthetic appeal that I wanted to personify on my space, and Oh yes the always responsive support team that I believe none of the other competitors of WordPress are even close to! Be it the stats page or the widgets corner; the lucid variety of themes or the anti spam Akismet utility, the going’s been fabulous.

On a different note, Blogging has got me on an altogether different front. It’s been a wonderful medium of expression of my thoughts not just to people who know me but also to those totally unaware of my existence. It’s got me up in the Networking platform and thanks to this I’ve got to know quite a few interesting people and more so their perspectives. I feel it’s also one of the reasons responsible for the change in my outlook per se.

I preferred not blogging on the latest sizzling topics or contentious issues just because that would mean something else encroaching into my space. Something that would undermine my real virtual presence. There’s been a downside to this too but then at the end of the day when it comes to personal satisfaction hits or stats are no match. Just the sheer pleasure of someone reading what you right out of your fickle mind works wonders in making things better. It’s been great getting to hear your version of the story from the other side of the wall on most of my posts. Thank you for that!

I’ve always believed in looking back at the way things evolve and in giving credit to myself however small be my achievement. To be frank , I was totally oblivious of the fact that I’d soon be reaching the one year mark till a few minutes back. I’d bought myself a domain name and hosting space from Znet just to experiment on my coding prowess yesterday and what do I find today? Looks like all of this was choreographed just like pieces of a puzzle falling in the right place at the right time!!

From today I’ve decided to stop blogging . Blogging on this space! would soon cease to be the platform where I would live virtually. Things need to change. Transition, thrill and adventure is a must in life and just to fall in line with that funda of mine, I Quit. Quit, to move on with things from a different perspective. It’s sad to see the end of my year long journey here. But there’s always that pot of gold at that fag end . Something else more interesting beckons !

Thus, with the power vested in me I officially declare v1.0 to be stalled, deprecated and no more active . is now

Catch me on Spiky V 2.0

Everything is the same except the name! ;-)

Srikanth S Perinkulam

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