The call!

Moments before I hit the bed yesterday night, I got a call from one of my friends.

Me: Heylo…

Browmith: Dude! Where’ve you been ? We’ve been trying to reach you right from noon.

Me: Oh! is it? I was a bit occupied in a session.

Br: Session? What session? Today’s Saturday!

Me: Oh Yeah! There was a small meet at Microsoft and I was invited.

Br: Microsoft? What the heck were you screwing at MS? And they… INVITED you?

Me: Hmm..not really invited, but my presence was required there. [ Wish I could see the expression on his face then 🙂 ]

Br: WTF? Why would your presence be required anywhere? [Huh!! lesser mortals! 🙂 ]

Me: Well , About 75 folks were meeting up there to discuss on a few issues.

Br: Bugger! what are you talking? and where the heck does MS come into the picture?

Me: Lemme explain! There was a bloggers meet there and MS was sorta sponsoring it. Forget it! You wont get it anyways!

Br: Huh! Whatever. But what did you have to do there? You went all the way there just for that dumb meet? So is that all why you were REQUIRED by MS! Should have guessed! haha

Me: Moron! I was there for a reason!The Indiblogger team wanted a volunteer to act in their skit…

Br: What has a bloggers meet got to do with a skit?? Dude, you in your senses?

Me: Huh! Believe so. They just wanted to portray something on blogging et al.

Br: OMG! You in a skit? Geez…

Me: Yeah! Helps at times ! But wait..why did you call?

Br: GP told me you were not reachable for quite sometime. So just wanted to know what was keeping you aloof! And know what? He did tell me about MS thingy. I just wanted to hear it from your mouth 🙂 !!

Me: Heylo! Heylo! ….Dude, can’t hear you . Catch you later. 🙂

For all of you who don’t know Br, he’s a hardcore anti MS nerd. I met him during one of my visits to Hyd in a bus. He is one nut case who needs to be wherever there’s limelight and he’ll do anything for that! 🙂 But for this, he’s a pretty good guy 🙂

Ah! and the bloggers meet? It was actually good being there. I got to meet quite a few people from varied qualifications. Had two cheezy pizzas for free ( GP.. You around?) 🙂 . On a serious front, it was a great networking platform! Thanks to the Indiblogger team and Balaji for having organised the event!