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Ipaper – Scribd

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Ever thought how good it would have been if you were able to portray your documents in a much appealing format rather than the normal linked form? If you could portray a totally different way of representing your documents?

I was scouting for something on those lines when I chanced up on this site. Looked pretty interesting!!

Have a look at the document below. Check the Book view mode- looks real cool 🙂

Had a tough time integrating the post and the page together. Finally had to give up. That should explain the dual post 🙂

3 thoughts on “Ipaper – Scribd”

    Also, I am planning to post something like…my fav. upbeat video of the day…check it out…and let me know :). Over a period of time, it will add to quite a collection. By the way, there’s one more vid. I wanted you to check out… Here it is

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