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 Today, I’d been to Hari Hara Kala Bhavan to watch a play called Five Point Someone.  It was based on Chetan Bhagat’s first novel with the same name and is  EVAM’s first debut performance in Hyderabad. And oh yes! It’s the first ever play I’ve watched live 🙂 .

I’d blocked four tickets on saturday evening for the show but later had to cancel two as Adi and Abhi had to drop out.  Though the show was scheduled to start at 3:30 pm , it had to be delayed due to a few technical glitches. In fact it was a wonderful stroke of luck for me 🙂 . I was caught in a traffic jam at 3:25pm  and made it to the theater only around 3:55pm. Suysh had luckily arrived a bit early and purchased the tickets well before I was there!

I was a bit taken back to see the crowd in the theater. To be frank I never expected that huge a crowd .  The theater  was almost full! It was all probably because of the wide acclaim of Chetan Bagath’s book. The play started with a warm welcome message from EVAM and soon started unfurling with intricate precision. As I was quite aware of the theme, I spent most of my time watching the players enact the scenes.The way they brought about various scenarios was truly fabulous! Evoking emotions is something that comes only with diligent practice and I wonder how many days they’d rehearsed the whole play to put up that stupendous a performance! It was so very arresting that I lost track of time 🙂 .

All in all , this was one weekend well spent!  🙂

On a different note. EVAM is a Theater corp. started by a few MICA alumni. They conduct plays frequently in Chennai and would be coming back to Hyd sometime this May. Eagerly looking forward to their next performance 🙂 .

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    […] I was there! … I was a bit taken back to see the crowd in the theater…. source: FPS by EVAM, With the left and the right […]

    Evam is quite famous in Madras. I caught them the last time they were in Hyd, and a lot of people came cos it was recommended to them by buddies from Madras.

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