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The Run, The Kid and Life!

7:20 on my watch and I’m still at home. The bus halts at the stop at 7:24 , not a moment late. Sigh! This was one of those days when I wonder how the driver manages to be right on time everyday. Thanks to my fast paced walk, I almost made it to the crossroads. Had to run behind it for about half a kilometer.. but still Spiky made it!

Sweating and Panting, I occupy seat 24 and by sheer instinct open the window. The bus jerks along and a few minutes later it happens to take one of the flyovers. Still staring out of the window and worried about certification and all that crap I keep gaping in open space.

Well, I’m not alone in my thoughts. The Oxford International school bus seems to be moving at almost the same pace parallely and there’s this cute kid for some reason crying silently. For no apparent reason I get back to my senses and give her a fake smile. She manages to reciprocate that and even before I do anything else, her bus overtakes mine. She turns back and keeps looking at my bus wide mouthed.

At the next crossroads we happen to come face to face again and this time she takes the initiative of smiling and then waves her hand. I wave back in a kiddo fashion 🙂  .This makes her more ecstatic. She beckons her friends and says something. All of them then turn towards me, then gape at each other and giggle like nuts.

Boy! Wish I could capture that Kodak moment.There’s a lot that we tend to forget in this mad race called life. We happen to miss out on those subtle nuances , things that could make a world of a difference to you and more so, people around you if experienced in the real spirit. But then who cares of nuances? Everyone’s behind making himself a part of the bigger picture. A picture called Success, Promotion, Recognition and oh yes! that mirage which they call LIFE. Pathetic!

Ah! So what about my certification? It’s gone with the kid! 🙂

Have you smiled today? 😉

6 thoughts on “The Run, The Kid and Life!”

    venkatagiridhar says:


    best ever post by you bro!!
    wish i was in your place!
    so true!!

    Riddhima says:

    i agree…this is d best post ever……really……moments like thses r rare and precious yaar…

    Srikanth Perinkulam says:

    @Giri n Ridz
    Thanks! 🙂

    shilpa says:

    nice one:)…..i want 2 b a kid now….y do we grow n y do we hav 2 take responsibilities???

    arvind says:

    hmmm ..not the best one… i have seen better ones..
    remmeber that post about ” girls pic on the window ”
    i got transported to that post.. 🙂
    wondefull one..
    y dont u try short stories..
    try to write a book… 🙂
    if u ever manage to release a book… i would be the first one to get my hands on it..
    ofcourse ,u wouldn’t charge me . 😉 ..would u ??? 😛

    Srikanth Perinkulam says:

    Who’s asking you not to 😉 ?
    A long way to go for that bro 🙂 . Of course, it would be free* * for you!

    **Provided you get a publisher for me. Lol 🙂

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