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A day to remember!

We officially launched the Hyderabad Adventure Group – Hydventura today in the Infy Campus 🙂 . This is something that was ‘In the pipeline’ 😉 for quite some time and now after some dilly dallying the group is finally out! We’re 70 + now and will soon have our first outing sometime Feb-end or early march. We’re planning to expand once we get a foothold in organising outdoor events.

Activities not constrained to Trekking, outdoor survival, Biking, site explorations, Rafting , Rock climbing, Para-sailing would soon be planned. Hydventura would try to do it’s little bit in bringing out the importance of outdoor recreational activities and at the same time spread awareness in the public the necessity to keep a check on exploitation of nature.

P.S: Hydventura is a club started by a group of Infoscions in their own interest. The company is no way related to the activities here-in and all activities would more or less be Dutch outings!

6 thoughts on “Hydventura!”

  1. @Arvind
    Well, it was initiated by one , brought into force by a few others and the ‘few’ is no more ‘FEW’ 🙂

    @Te la Maria
    Thanks! Boy but you do wonders! The same comment on quite a few blogs of people i know. It does help increase your stats. Doesn’t it 😉 ?

    We’ll be expanding soon. You’re most welcome to join. You just need to become a member of the Hydventura group in Google groups. 🙂

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