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Idea star singer

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Before you read any further, on a frontal note, this post is in no way related to the participants in the show or the show as such.

I rarely watch TV shows. But of late, I’ve been following this particular show called ‘The Idea star singer’ which is screened on Asianet at around 9 pm IST . That’s mainly because, people in my house are hooked on to it and I rarely get to shift channels while having dinner. Initially all that interested me in it was the way various participants portrayed themselves in creative outfits and the various dance steps they choreographed. But of late as the show comes to it’s end, you really get to learn a lot from it.

Elimination is a very jittery aspect in any performance show. Even worse, when things come to the fag end and wherein competition is amongst the equals. The way a show evolves  more or less depends on how the emotions of the participants are handled collectively by the anchor and the judges. I remember watching a show quite sometime back where things turned the other way round. The judge happened to go overboard with his comments and the contestant just couldn’t handle it. Supporters of the contestant grew wild and it took the organisers quite some time to get the situation back under control.

The same scenario when related to real life, throws light on how critical saying the right words at the right time is. As I see it , Communication is 25 percent of knowledge and 75 percent of skillset! All that matters is how efficiently you can portray your thoughts in a given time span.

Do have a glimpse of the show when you’re free. Even if you don’t understand Malayalam, do watch it for the way Usha Uthup and the other Judges handle a juicy situation. There’s quite something that can be learnt from them!

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    Hey sri…even my parents watch it sometimes….i think i have had a peak at it sometimes…..itz good….worth a watch…….

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