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Browsers et al

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Of late, browsers are behaving weird on my PC. I’ve got Firefox and Safari on the system.

Firefox is just not able to handle WordPress and Safari, in all it’s might is trying to remove all the paragraph formatting! The best part is that I’m using a pretty stable version of firefox ( The version). Any leads on what the problem could be? Could it be an issue conflict with a recently installed plugin ?

Anyways, Shall get back to it tomorrow. It’s high time I hit bed and leave you contemplating. (That’s if at all you are!  🙂 )

2 thoughts on “Browsers et al”

    thats the problem with ur server…
    remember i had told you similar problem..
    it got rectified automatically one fine morning..
    ur too will be fine in days,weeks,months or perhaps in the coming years 😛

    Bingo! 🙂
    The Bangalore BSNL server had some problem yesterday. The safari issue was pretty trivial, I just had to change the default settings a bit 🙂

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