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The techie and the priest…

I’d been to one of my cousin’s  House warming ceremony today morning. They’ve built a small, beautiful independent house in lines with those in the US with a budget of about 40lakhs in a place called Cherlapally, a bit away from the main city. It was a 3bhk, two floored structure. In the ground floor, the house was so modeled that a staircase sort of divided the first room right in the middle. So as and when you enter the house, you get to see the staircase. This is probably the only negative aspect of the house.

Now to the interesting part. From the discussion that my dad was having with a couple of other relatives,I got to know that the priest who was doing the puja was quite good at his job. Once the puja was done, Chupamani, the priest started discussing about the vaasthu aspects. In the flow, he happened to tell my aunt that he’d recently built a house with full compliance to the vaasthu aspect for just  about 60lakhs ! Now, that’s definitely not something that you can fall short of hearing 🙂 !

That brief sentence of his got me thinking for a while. We, the so called educated urban youth, make our parents spend shit loads of money to get admission into a college, earn a degree, earn repute and settle in life with a decent pay ; While people , the likes of Chupamani, learn the vedas ( instead of the fundas of physics and chemistry ) for about eight years with minimal investment and practice it with due diligence. At the fag end, if it’s all about establishing oneself in the society, who’s the wise one here? Agreed, most of todays priests are still in the profession solely because of the monetary factor. But giving it a second thought you realize, that just isn’t their mistake. It is in fact their foresight that has got them here to their current status!

So bachha log,Ishtori ka Moral kya hai?

Physics Fundaz ko chodo, Vedaz  pado!  🙂

2 thoughts on “The techie and the priest…”

    giridhar says:

    Diligence is absolutely essential for realizing our aspirations!!… so true!!

    jnarin says:

    It is a well known fact that priests, once they make their name, earn a lot. There is no comparison between a techie and a priest – The priests win. 🙂

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