The Rainmaker

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  1. @Arvind

    Personal likes..just cant help! πŸ™‚


    Books have always failed to impress the way I think! LIke it that way πŸ™‚
    And about the so called secrets, I’ve got better ways of finding them. Relying on your conscience would help you a ton better.

    Before you start back firing, just as I’d said to Aravind – Personal likes..just cant help! πŸ™‚

    Anyways. thanks for dropping by!

  2. d last time i rem reading a novel was of dan brown’s angels n demons.i took a week 2 read dis, but i completed his da vinci code in jus a day :).
    i dont read dat many novels..but lemme kno if der r ne good n strange ones…i wl try…..
    ri8 now im reading eckhart tolle’s ‘the new earth’.
    try reading his book ‘the power of now’ it works wonders….n 2 kno some amazing secrets read linda’s star signs…
    4 me reading books is a passion.i somehow try 2 read betwn d words(??)…n get d essence..i read more of self-help,spiritual books…..
    i alwz sleep wid all d books around me….:)
    my sis keeps shouting at me………

  3. i try to read it as quick as possible so that i could move on to the next one..
    i lose interest if i take more time..
    I remember taking 6 months to read one of the very first novels i read .strange in the mirror..
    it became very boring ..i just read it for the sake of completigng πŸ˜›

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