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The Rainmaker

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For some reason of late, I take quite some time to read novels. How gripping it is really doesn’t matter. I finish a chapter or two and set it aside. Probably it’s just about rekindling that thrill to get back to it later for the next read πŸ˜‰ !

I just finished reading a very oldΒ  novel of John Grisham – The Rainmaker. One of his best writings, I would say. It’s about a law student by name Rudy Baylor fighting against a big time Insurance Company for it’s insensitiveness to one of its well deserving insuree. Just having passed the bar, this is one of his first few cases. To make things worse, Great Benefit – the insurance firm deploys a reputed lawyer to fight for them. Things get murky as days pass, making him wonder if at all he did the right choice in running up with the case. Amidst all this, he happens to meet a female Kelly , who’s tortured by her husband, in a hospital where he’s scouting for more cases. This is where the rafu chakkar starts πŸ™‚ ! After a long tedious trial, he finally manages to win the suit for his client in a flamboyant manner but the irony is that the parent company of Great Benefit manages to wash it’s hands off leading to Great Benefit’s bankruptcy. Neither Baylor nor his client get what they’re legally bound to. Vexed with how things turned out he leaves Memphis and Law for good with Kelly!

The way Grisham brings about the story is just fabulous! The courtroom trials , the emotions that he evokes and for the most part of itΒ  the determination of Baylor that he consistently loops in, is just great. Definitely a great read!

His latest book – The Appeal seems to be as much promising. Let’s see if i can lay my hands on it sometime this week.

5 thoughts on “The Rainmaker”

    arvind says:

    i try to read it as quick as possible so that i could move on to the next one..
    i lose interest if i take more time..
    I remember taking 6 months to read one of the very first novels i read .strange in the mirror..
    it became very boring ..i just read it for the sake of completigng πŸ˜›

    shilpa says:

    d last time i rem reading a novel was of dan brown’s angels n demons.i took a week 2 read dis, but i completed his da vinci code in jus a day :).
    i dont read dat many novels..but lemme kno if der r ne good n strange ones…i wl try…..
    ri8 now im reading eckhart tolle’s ‘the new earth’.
    try reading his book ‘the power of now’ it works wonders….n 2 kno some amazing secrets read linda’s star signs…
    4 me reading books is a passion.i somehow try 2 read betwn d words(??)…n get d essence..i read more of self-help,spiritual books…..
    i alwz sleep wid all d books around me….:)
    my sis keeps shouting at me………

    Srikanth Perinkulam says:


    Personal likes..just cant help! πŸ™‚


    Books have always failed to impress the way I think! LIke it that way πŸ™‚
    And about the so called secrets, I’ve got better ways of finding them. Relying on your conscience would help you a ton better.

    Before you start back firing, just as I’d said to Aravind – Personal likes..just cant help! πŸ™‚

    Anyways. thanks for dropping by!

    Atchuthan Perinkulam says:

    There’s also a movie based on this novel.

    Yeah! Heard the movie was a big hit too!
    Bought ‘The Appeal’ today in a fabulous offer :-). Still gotta start reading it!

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