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R.I.P while we U.I.M!!

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I hate blogging about ‘people’s demise’ on my blog! Just couldn’t help this.

“Veteran Congress leader and Khairtabad MLA, Mr P. Janardhan Reddy, died of a massive cardiac arrest here on Friday. He was 59 and leaves behind his wife, Sulochana, four daughters and a son. The funeral will be conducted with State honours at Amberpet on Saturday. A mass leader, Janardhan Reddy held sway over city politics for nearly three decades. His sudden death was a shock to the people of the city.

The news of his sudden death was relayed to the GHCC meeting by Congress MP, V. Hanumantha Rao. The meeting was then stopped. His family members including son, Vishnuvardhan Reddy, rushed to the hospital and cried inconsolably. The popular leader’s supporters too broke down and beat their chests raising the slogan,”PJR Amar Hai.

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May his soul R.I.P!

The interesting part is that we have a quasi strike here on the roads of Hyderabad! Most of the shops , even petty footpath ones have been compelled to bring down shutters. Banks, Medical shops et al! How silly can people get?

Agreed his supporters are deeply mourned by his death. I would be too, HAD i known about him and his services. But what is the point in bringing down day to day activities in the city just because their leader has expired. This guy popped because of a natural cause. No one shot him , It wasn’t an attempted murder, It wasn’t a suicide. The docs have verified it to be due to cardiac arrest and still, we have this wonderful , sincere, coveted, devoted, true Hyderabadi followers display their misery by rampaging on the streets. True CITIZENS that they are. Huh! Ah! Did I tell you that my Aunt actually found a couple of Ayyappa devotees arguing with a Bank Manager to close the bank for the day?

I’m just waiting for tomorrow’s News paper headlines. The congress is gonna blame BJP for not arranging proper facilities , not giving him due respect.. blah blah blah.The BJP is gonna refute the statements. His son is gonna join the fray. Contest for the next elections, Get sympathy votes. Wins it , becomes the people’s man and we know what follows !

Wonder what would be the state of affairs had he been assasinated!!

1 thought on “R.I.P while we U.I.M!!”

    ha …oops ..sorry not for this tragic news…may his soul rest in seems funny and absurd when people calling themselves supporters create such a public nuisance ..
    what does that serve…nothing even if it’s not a natural death..burning shops and causing a unoffical bandh would lead to nothing ..
    good post… actually at the starting of the post i had wondered why is he writing on that.. but you were bang on 🙂

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