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AdVentura – Bangalore

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There’s this wonderful group called Adventura for adventure freaks that operates from Bangalore. So if you are into trekking and stuff and stay somewhere near bangalore it’s high time you enroll yourself in this group. They arrange treks in and around Bangalore almost every weekend. Even if you haven’t really been on a trek and are pretty much a novice, you can still enroll yourself. Each trek outing is classified as Beginners, Intermediate and the like and I believe they’ve got gears for beginners too.

Join the following group to enroll yourself: adventura@googlegroups<dot>com

I haven’t really been there out with them as I’d been in Bangalore only for a brief span of three months and odd. I wonder why we don’t have any such active group here in Hyderabad. Or do we?

A couple of my friends and I plan to start one. Nothing has materialized though. Shall let you know in case anything props up.

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    what are you waiting for? go ahead and start one. there are more than enough people asking the same question!

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