Gutsy Gibbon 7.1O – Ubuntu

8 thoughts on “Gutsy Gibbon 7.1O – Ubuntu”

  1. @ Strachan

    Glad you dropped by! And yeah Merry Xmas!!! 🙂

    I still haven’t yet tried Emerald. Probably I’ll tweak it this weekend. Compiz , as you said, is pretty much keeping me on my toes! 🙂

    I’ve got a 1.8Ghz Core 2Duo Processor with an Intel D946GZ MoBo running on a 1gig ram. No Graphic cards.

  2. @Atchuth

    Fiesty never posed any problems on my desktop. Gutsy though seems to be a bit unstable for my hardware config. 🙂 It freezes at times forcing me to restart the Gnome. Believe it’s got to do with the HAL/DBUS utility,Realized that when the login freezed today morning after a failed Synaptic upgrad and threw up a ‘Failed to initialize HAL’ error.

    This was a bug, quite a few people were hit with in their Fiesty systems. or sometime after an upgrade from Fiesty to Gutsy. A modification of the hal in /etc/rc2.d/ sorts out this issue.

    Fortunately the same works for Gutsy too! 🙂

  3. Looking good 🙂 The cube is a bit tricky to get working but the rest of the effects are quite good. You will enjoy yourself working through the managers and tweaking the various effects. Try installing emerald as well – since beryl/compiz is working emerald should do too with minimal fuss.

  4. I installed Ubuntu Fiesty 7.04 the other day on my Laptop and after a few days the damn thing just crashed on me. It simply wouldn’t let me log in.
    But I still feel the guys at Ubuntu have done a wonderful job at making it much more user friendly.

    I still remember the first time I ever installed Red Hat on our system..I had a real tough time getting drivers for the monitor. Even the PS2 mouse used to laugh at my inability to find suitable drivers..Boy have we come a long way!!!

    You seem to be doing quite good at exploring,…er exploiting. That’s nice, coz you’d be surprised at the number of people who would stare at the Terminal even in Grad school 🙂

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