The Cow and I!

2 thoughts on “The Cow and I!”

  1. Ha ha…holy cow…Fantastic…The way you have vividly described our joining Sandeepam …amazing…The fact is I don’t remember even giving a written exam to get in..Nor do I remember the joining day…so thanks for refreshing my memory..

    I like the way you put it saying…”If my bro was intelligent , thereโ€™s a high probability that his sibling would do just the same with some help. How could SVHS afford to lose such brilliant students? Theyโ€™re in!” –I almost fell off the chair when I read this…Nice Jokes eh!!!

    You have a fantastic sense of timing dude…I love that..Look at the “Goodness Gracious Me” videos on Youtube….

    Keep writing..this is one of the best articles I’ve read. Cheers!!!

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