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Two weeks and counting! 🙂

I’ve got Ubuntu and Microsoft Xp installed on my system with dual boot configured. Still I haven’t logged into Windows for two weeks! The moment I’m in front of my desktop once I’m back from office, It’s Grub> modprobe> Ubuntu. I care a damn about windows now.

Last year connectivity and mouse issues held me up from shifting to Linux . Everything’s resolved now. Xp actually looks cheap dirt after two weeks of Ubuntu 🙂 .I’ve got Fiesty fawn for now and soon it’s gonna be Gutsy Gibbon! From a layman’s point of view, I’d say Fiesty is somewhere midway between XP and Vista. I’ve Heard exceptional reviews on Gutsy Gibbon. So i think it’s high time I say Good Bye to Windows!

A few snapshots of my desktop..

Why should you purchase something when you can get a better one for free? Why should you pay or use a pirated copy when you can get the equivalent features without paying a dime? Help yourselves! Shift to Open Source.

Guys stop getting pirated copies! Help Microsoft! 😉

8 thoughts on “Transition…”

    sri u r d second person after abhi jisse i m listening to d good virtues of ubuntu…where do i get this ubuntu thing?????????

    Cheap dirt!!…
    Very apt adjective for windows!!

    i’ve been into ubuntu bro… fiesty fawn 7.04 though
    cause i have a hag sitting in front of me.. no issues no breakdowns whatsoever for the past one week!!

    now that the sound issue is resolved, i’ll dump that windows crap out of the window!!

    u installed compiz fusion or what??… try creating a ‘new panel’ and tweak it like this:

    create a new panel,
    orientation: bottom,
    size: 80 pixels,
    uncheck expand,
    drag that to a place just below top left corner…
    check show hide buttons and arrows on hide buttons

    and add your most used applications like synaptic, firefox, volume and whatever..
    u’ll love ubuntu more than you did yesterday!!

    ubuntu plus internet connection plus flair plus hatred towards microsoft really works wonders and makes some wonderful artworks too!!

    I’ll upload my desktop tomorrow on my blog. check it out!

    how do you enable transparent windows in feisty??

    cold remark:

    windows takes the shit out of you if you try n think of these things on it’s os’s!!

    never used ubuntu or linux any time.. hardly know anything abt them ..
    probably will be satisfied with the cheap dirt till somebody gives me a good knowledge about this stuff. 😛

    You just don’t have to! Ubuntu is that user freindly!!

    If you’ve got a Lappy with internet connectivity parallely to google stuff, thats the best reliable tool that you can have.

    Well, All installations have issues creeping but then that’s the only way you learn. I’ve screwed my old system almost everyday till I got a hang of how things work. Get the installation CD, Back up your data and leave the shore! 🙂


    You get 3rd party themes to enable that I believe or it’s just that I haven’t yet tweaked fiesty properly.

    Still running on Compiz. Fusion comes default with Gutsy .So would as well wait till I get to lay my hands on it.

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