Two weeks and counting! 🙂

I’ve got Ubuntu and Microsoft Xp installed on my system with dual boot configured. Still I haven’t logged into Windows for two weeks! The moment I’m in front of my desktop once I’m back from office, It’s Grub> modprobe> Ubuntu. I care a damn about windows now.

Last year connectivity and mouse issues held me up from shifting to Linux . Everything’s resolved now. Xp actually looks cheap dirt after two weeks of Ubuntu 🙂 .I’ve got Fiesty fawn for now and soon it’s gonna be Gutsy Gibbon! From a layman’s point of view, I’d say Fiesty is somewhere midway between XP and Vista. I’ve Heard exceptional reviews on Gutsy Gibbon. So i think it’s high time I say Good Bye to Windows!

A few snapshots of my desktop..

Why should you purchase something when you can get a better one for free? Why should you pay or use a pirated copy when you can get the equivalent features without paying a dime? Help yourselves! Shift to Open Source.

Guys stop getting pirated copies! Help Microsoft! 😉