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This has been my best b’day till date!

It all started with Ridhimma calling at about 10:00 pm yesterday and telling she won’t be able to keep herself awake till 12! given the fact that she’s down with severe fever. So sweet of her to remember my birthday despite her illness! Rakesh up there from Houston pings me at about 12 in the night and wishes me. Poor chap is still cramming for some of his tests 🙂 ! Suysh pings just around the same time, wishes me and then threatens me for a party though she herself owes me one 🙂  ! Calvin all set to get screwed in his Generic Compre soon falls in tow. Later today, I get to know he’s done decently well! Good for him! 🙂

At about 5:30 in the morning, Dad wakes me up and literally kicks me reminding me it’s my b’day. 🙂 Moments before I leave to Office, I get a call from my bhabhi. I ‘d been longing to hear my kiddo niece Ananya talk, and here she’s up in her shrill voice saying ‘Happy b’day Chikku chaachu’. Could I ask for anything else? There’s something more special today. My bro’s got his US citizenship!! 12th Dec, seems to be a lucky day for the family. 🙂 A few minutes later, Aparna calls and while my nephew Raaghuv sings me a beautiful Birthday song, Divyaa reluctantly toddles away in her typical wobble walk! 🙂

Morning, at the office the first mail I get to see is a mail from the IHL Team wishing me! I regret not taking any sweets for folks out there. To add fuel to fire, I get to hear Kishore has just sent out a mail to the IHL Team authorizing every single person to have his share of sweets from his cabin. Don’t blame him for that. The moment they get to know it’s my b’day too, all eyes prop towards my cubicle.Believe me! It was one of those very embarassing moments. My cell starts vibrating the very moment I hang up a call. Feels great to be on demand for at least one day 🙂 !

Evening at about 4:00 Kishore , Shobna and I are invited to cut three cakes in front of the whole IHL team. At the end, each of us is given a greeting card signed by people known and unknown wishing us all luck. The moment I get back home dad tells me I’ve got a gift from some unknown person- A beautiful cake and a Wonderful Executive bag . With no address on the gift parcel I presume it’s from my Bro n Sis out there in the US.

A few minutes later Jasleen calls. She’s got a request. She wants to sing a song – the b’day song. Was real fun to hear a colleague sing a B’day song and that too on the phone! Boy, It’s been ages that I’ve had such an experience. The calls still continue. Pranesh calls and he gives me the news that finally he’s made it to Infy after a long long wait! Sonal wishes her Guruji ( still wonder why she calls me that! 🙂 ) . Praveen’s next on line. Says he’s cleared the L&T training and now into .NET! Collin and Abhi ping me and let me know that they’d be soon coming down to my place. Kranthi, Thops, Doma and Pradeep join them too. They get a wonderful cake. This is the third cake that’d I’d be cutting today! 🙂 We hang around for quite some time and finally they leave at about 9:00pm. I check my orkut profile then. It’s been almost half an hour that I’ve started thanking people for their wishes but the list still doesn’t seem to come to an end. Parallely the calls continue… 🙂

It’s been such a great day all through! Just wanted to thank all of you for having remembered my b’day and for having made it really interesting.

3 thoughts on “December’12”

    Thank you sri for promoting my link thhrough yours.Hehehe…..i m eternally obliged……BTW it sems u have had a stupendous b’day……lucky you….neways ur blog is as usual gr8…..n here’s wishing you many more blogs in the future….cheers!!!!

    looks like u had a blast 🙂 ..
    i hope you will have fun each day rather than just on ur birthday…
    i notice back to back to post first time…
    i hope you continue like this.

    Thanks for the wishes! Muh me ghire shakkar! 🙂

    Well I do! Just that people around me made it more prominent yesterday! 🙂

    This is one of those things that I look forward to after a days work. You may call it a stress buster! I Wasn’t having easy access to internet for the last four months and was almost on my heels day in and day out. So was compelled to keep tab on things.

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