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The way dogs think..

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There are a few things that are just beyond your control, those innumerable instances when the sub conscious brain takes over the reins. With time the human brain gets so well accustomed to the intermittent loss of control that it fails to track those transitions. But the moment the transition is sensed you get so wary of the happenings, that you catch yourself doing things with extra care. Something that was mundane suddenly gets thrilling for no reason at all and at times you wonder why at all it’s happening in the first place!

They’ve been quite a few instances when I’ve caught myself failing to understand why I’ve gone to a certain place without any reason and times when I fail to remember why I’ve been to the place. But the moment I’m back to the place where I’ve started from, I realize why I had to be there. That makes me ponder if the occurrence of an activity has got something related to the status of mind at a particular location when you were reminded of initiating it. Why else would you suddenly recollect what has to be done when you get back to that location? It could probably be that, that the ambience in some intricate manner influences your flow of thoughts and hence in a way deems to serve as a backup resource in case you fail to recollect why and what you are supposed to be doing. Your sub-conscious mind relates the ambience, the thought process and the activity and tries to form a coherent relationship and when that fails, you’re lost.

On the other hand, there’s always this repulsive quotient that comes into effect intermittently. For instance of late, while browsing I tend to press the F3 key to get to the previous page and not the backspace, just because I’ve got accustomed to using the F3 key to get back to a previous screen in mainframes. So is it in the case of Pg Up and Pg Down. I sit on the chair when I get back home before my comp. first thing I tend to do is to lower my right hand trying to adjust the seat. The chair doesn’t even have an adjust knob! Only when I realize that the intended activity isn’t occurring does it strike me that I’ve got to change my flow of thoughts and thus my actions. Adaptability of the human brain huh! Dogs fare much better!

Somethings go better unexplained!

4 thoughts on “The way dogs think..”

    it took some time for the first para to flash into my mind..
    by the way do you remember the okkadu climax scene when mahesh babu leaves the airport 🙂
    i just got that scene in mind while reading ur post

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