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Speed and Sleep…

I love travelling!Though, it hasn’t got much to do with my  tendency to fall asleep in moving vehicles , to a very large extent that’s been the prime factor!!They’ve been quite a few days when I’ve picked up a day ticket in Hyderabad, got into one of the city buses and dozed off to glory only to be woken up by the Conductor telling me it’s the last stop and I better get off the bus and find a richer place to sulk!! 🙂 Even on regular days, I’ve  overshot my destination stop quite a few times, thanks to my innate ability to achieve  sub conscious levels in a matter of minutes. 

It’s been around twenty years and I still don’t get the  Motion and Sleep relationship that’s evolved in my body. Fortunately my holy brain doesn’t activate the clause  when I’m at the wheel! I love Speed as much as I love Sleep in motion. It’s just the feeling of escalated sense of enormous brain activity that drives things in me. I remember ramming into a wall and falling into a small gutter, just a few days after learning to cycle. I was actually trying to match speeds with a guy on a moped who’d sneered at me. Being a pretty short tempered guy then, I had all the adrenalin pumped to sort things out . Lost my wits,  lost my senses and finally ended up losing my control. Dr. Hakunamatata once said ‘You never lose in life! Everyplace you lose, you gain something really worthwhile. It all depends on how you look at things.’ Ah! and here I’ve gained bruises and blessings from my bro for having brought out the cycle without telling anyone at home  ! (By the way, Dr. Hakunamatata is a virtual Doctor who resides in me 🙂 )

Few things that I’ve learnt to abide when the adrenalin rushes in my body-Firstly,There’s something that you’d want to doubly ensure when you’re speeding beyond norms-Stay IN control. Secondly,There’s someone present around you,who knows what’s what and the repercussions of every minor flaw that may occur .Thirdly-Follow your instincts (only after you follow the above two rules 🙂 )

Trekking and Adventure sports is what I’m looking forward to be into , five years down the lane; Paragliding and Sailing to be preicse. But it’s all a function of money , time and more so the right training place. I’ve Cornered on a few people who’ve been in the field for long and are really experienced in their respective fields. Now it’s a function of Time and Money both of which I have no say on, given the bounds of life 🙂

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