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Got back to the Lab  a few minutes back and just when I make up my mind to work on a few assignments, I realize my mainframe acct. has been locked! So here I am…

Time seems to just fly past here. The last one month’s been pretty interesting.  Infy has roped in Rhythms Arts and Music Institute to conduct Guitar classes here in the campus. So two days a week you can look forward to see a bunch of people with Guitars on their back! And the best part is most of them are novices, just like me!    Learnt the E-E notes and other basic chords. Just that I’ve to practice it properly.

DJ nights are organized once every two weeks on weekends and though none of us here in the trainee group really knows how to dance,  you could find us around most of the time. Atleast this is one thing that I’ve learned to do in the past  one month.Had a show by Kailash kher and his  band here this weekend. It was just fabulous! Just what we’d want to see after a week into COBOL coding and Job submitting.

 The training is just as fast paced as the extracurricular life here. You always have the fear of running down the 65 % benchmark with questions popping up in the exams from the nook and corner of the wise brains! They catch you right where you think they wouldn’t venture into and at times you feel ( rather they make you feel  ) that you’re pretty much on the wrong side of you’re life line! Probably that’s why they call it TRAINING!  It is just that you need to know where to draw the dividing line and when! Got to fight the battle for just one more month till we give the Stream specific exam and then I’m done with the Infy training 🙂 . Got an A in the Generic that keeps me motivated and just to keep me contained, there are ppl telling me how tough the actual stream can be !

Life with sweet, salt and a BIT of pepper!! Who knows how much pepper?

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