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Infosys Bangalore

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It’s been quite a while that I’ve posted anything on this blog. Well, the reason is that I’ve been quite lazy till July 9th and post that I’ve controlled my browsing habits 😉 . I ‘ve joined Infosys as a Software Engineer this 9th and just 10 days into professional life, things have been pretty interesting. Not that I was not prepared for it , just that things turned out to be much better than what I expected them to be! 🙂

Our training location had initially been Mysore but just seven days prior to our departure we happened to get a mail from Infy telling us that the location has been changed to Bangalore. All of us initially were pretty much dejected. Infosys , I’ve heard is supposed to be the best in training freshers and their Global Education Center (GEC) at mysore is considered to be the hub for tech training with it’s world class facilities. Any person selected in Infy would love to have his training at their Mysore GEC. Still some things are just not in your hands.

Abhi , Collin and I reached the Bangalore campus on 8th morning at around 10 am. After the formal verifications, We were directed to the Employee Care Center (ECC) , an accommodation that you could consider to be equivalent to a five star hotel. Met a few of our other classmates there and decided to have breakfast. Quite unaware of the Food courts then all of us opted to dine at the ‘La Terrace’ restaurant in the GF of the ECC. Had a sumptuous meal there quite oblivious of the billing system. Only when we got our bills did we realise why we were the only people of Indian nationality there. Each of us were handed a bill of 100 bucks! 🙂 Least inclined to refute (and with no other option but to do so 🙂 ) we paid the bill, walked out and got back to our rooms. People soon started trickling in and by 12pm the lobby was packed with fresh trainees.

What’s the campus like? Posed with this question quite a few of us got out of our rooms and cycled all through the vast 85+ acres of campus. The Bangalore campus or Infycity as it is called has an extremely beautiful campus, around six food courts , Two Gymnasiums, A beautiful swimming pool, a Basket ball and Volleyball court, Pool tables , Aerobics room and not to mention , quite a few magnificent buildings ( architectural splendor and non reasonability are the first things that would flash through your mind when you have a first look at them 🙂 ) . You’ve got cycles at your disposal at almost all buildings and you can pick any of them and park them at the parking lot of the destination block after you’ve used it.

The first week of the training was much into the formalities of Document verification, Signing of papers, Bank account formalities and an Induction program. Technical training has just started and things have slowly started picking up pace. With daily assignments and stuff, the noose seems to be slowly tightening. Nevertheless, life in the campus is extremely good. The day generally starts at around 5:30 in the morning. Rushing to the Food Courts by 7:30 and swiping cards before 8:00am is something that every trainee sees to it that he sticks to. Morning sessions which are generally up to 12: 30 pm are more or less theory sessions held in the huge auditoriums. The afternoon sessions are lab sessions and assignments are supposed to be completed in this time ( So has been the case till now). This goes on till 8:30 pm at times . Swipe out and rush to the food courts to have a relaxing dinner. We then get back to our rooms and after a fresh up cycle down to the Basket ball court. This is something that I’ve picked up after joining Infy. After an extremely tiring but wonderful two hour session in the game a few of us walk down to FC 27 and have something to drink. This is something that”s really good in the campus. Anytime you feel hungry or feel like having something, you can just walk down to the nearest Food Court and have a munch. It’s literally heaven once you’re back to your room. Just hit the bed and you’re ready for the next day’s routine.

Presently I’m in Hyd for a small weekend visit. Will be getting back tomorrow to the campus again.

More posts when time permits 🙂

6 thoughts on “Infosys Bangalore”

    Suresh Gupta says:

    Just carry on the infosys’s legacy and india brain power. See to it that you are best in your assigned field. and yes more details.


    Suresh Gupta says:

    Oh a small mistake it should be read as “India’s brain power”

    Srikanth Perinkulam says:

    Thanks for the wishes! 🙂

    Will get back soon 🙂

    arvind says:

    Finally a post from u on which i can comment .u see linux is not myy cup of tea..
    anyway,good luck for the training ahead.. 🙂
    keep updating ur blog.. 😛

    sahithya says:

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    Gaurav Barmera says:

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    We have 30 days training criteria, and i want to apply my training from your reputed company.
    Thank You.

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