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Fedora 7

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The OSS and Red Hat community have launched their latest OS. Parting from their age old nomenclature, they now prefer to call it Fedora 7 and not Fedora Core 7. It’s available for download here.

For those of you people with access to snail paced connectivity to the internet, there’s a provision to request for a free DVD. The Community releases only 200 free DVD’s a month in a given region. So if you’re pretty much interested in having a DVD for yourself, act fast here.The request form purportedly, is going to be available only at around 1pm July 2nd PST, so that’s around 1:30 am July 3rd IST.

Unlike other free distributions, the package will be posted to your address from India, so it should reach you in a couple of days 🙂 . Eagerly looking forward to lay my hands on it !

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