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I’ve upgraded my old system (the 440 Lx) to a brand new Core2Duo ! If you’ve read a few of my previous posts you’d definitely have come across my ventures with Linux on my old system. I’ve been and I still am a hard core fan of Linux for the past three years and I’ve learnt to find my way through it ( at least the setting up of the OS) the hard way. Innumerable number of formats, deletions, screw ups and what not. But finally when you are done with all of that troubleshooting and googling and finally setup up your machine with a flavour of linux. It’s sweet!! Pretty sweet!!

Well, atleast now I can say, I’ve got a feel on how to install an Operating system. Exploiting it to your  requirements and getting a hang of working on it is a totally different experience. Nevertheless as I told you it all depends on how you take your experience. You get bogged down once and you take the hit, your done for good! But then you recuperate and strike back to take more hits, you learn stuff!

And now , the million dollar question…Why Linux? Well, I learnt using linux for fun and just for the heck of experimenting, though now it does serve other purposes too. When I happen to tell people I’ve tried a flavour of linux and ask them to try it too, more often than not, I get the response – “I’m fine with Windows dude. I don’t want to change.” Well, there’s no point blaming them for that. Rather I’ll blame the rampant piracy in India. Had you been compelled to buy the Windows OS and given noother option I’m sure you would look out for other cheaper equivalents. Linux is FREE! It’s open source, It supports most of your hardware devices, It’s got a huge support database, It’s got a huge fan community, It is in no way inferior to any Windows OS, It’s robust, It’s just as easy to use as any other Operating system once you get a hang of it, It’s much livelier, It’s highly interactive, It looks much more appealing than any other OS and I’ve heard it’s much more secure. What else could you want from an Operating System? I believe that justifies!!   

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