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Yahoo Photos goin’ down!

I happened to sign in to  my yahoo photos for no apparent reason today and this is what  caught my attention

 Yahoo Photos is Closing down by September 20th 2007 

 To be frank I was shell shocked! It was just out of the blue that I’d signed in and they would have deleted all of my photos had I not dropped in by September 20th. They could at least have sent me a mail regarding their change in stand! 

Fortunately, they’re giving you three options. One to directly transfer all of your photos to Flickr (Yahoo acquired Flickr in 2005 ) or a few other sites like kodak , butterfly et al , the second to download all the photos one by one yourself  and the third and most interesting- forego them ! 

 I have about a thousand photos in it and downloading all of them is  way impractical. I was always considering transferring all of my photos to Picasa. But then Yahoo Photos never had an option for direct transfer. So I’m sort of obliged to transfer my photos to Flickr, which I reluctantly have accepted to!   🙁     


5 thoughts on “Yahoo Photos goin’ down!”

    arvind1187 says:

    oops ..completely missed that september.. 🙂

    Arvind says:

    🙂 seems luck played its part..
    i wonder what would have been the post if u had missed by one day…

    Srikanth Perinkulam says:

    Fortunately It’s September 20th ! Man! I’d have freaked to the core had they obliterated all of my photos!!!!

    Atchuthan Perinkulam says:

    You have a 1000 snaps on Yahoo photos and I haven’t seen ANY of them ????

    Srikanth Perinkulam says:

    Most of them are now in my Flickr account. I bet you would have seen them! 🙂

    I did lose a few pics after the transfer.Not really sure how and why. 🙁

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