The 440LX is no more!

My first off the system post from a friends machine.

My dear system buckled down totally today and looking at the symptoms there’s every reason for me to believe it has breathed it’s last! 🙁 The final moments it did throb to the core and when it missed the beat hell went loose.

Moments before entering the comatose state, it showed sporadic electrical activity. Dementia soon crept in and repetitive resuscitation techniques 😉 too failed. The arterial links on the MB paved way soon failing to identify not alone the HDD but also other vital devices.

Aged 9 when she passed out and survived by none technically, She’s been a wonderful piece of assembly by the years. A brief look up into her distant progenies reveals a number of branched out prospective replacements. Though due consideration is being given to the suitable replacement, it goes without saying, the memories that she leaves behind.

May her soul rest in peace! Amen!