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Porsche Unleashed!

It’s been just four days that I’ve got back from my University and the boredom has already started! 🙁 With the project Viva voce done and almost a gap of 10 days for the theory papers to start, I thought I could as well get back home. And now when I’m actually at home, I feel I shouldn’t have come down at the first place! Wonder how I’m gonna spend the remaining three months before Infy starts screwing me up!!

Earlier whenever I used to get bored I would just vanish away from home for a drive on my scooter. Nowadays, the very thought of driving drives me to boredome! All thanks to the two months of my project work at Mehdipatnam!15Kms up and down almost daily,was just enough to sap all my energy and as days passed by, driving which was once my passion turned out more or less to be something which I started detesting!

With nothing much to do, watched Armageddon in the afternoon.Just moments before I fell asleep ( Oh yeah, I tend to fall asleep in between movies!  🙂 )
One of my friends gave me a call and asked me to drop by his house, just for the heck of it. Drove down to a cafe (rather roadside Chai ki dhukaan 🙂 ) and gobbled four samosas and drank about three cups of Irani Chai 🙂 . Then went down to his place and spent some time meddling with his laptop. I’d taken my CD pouch with me as he’d wanted a few CD’s. Just happened to find an Old CD with NFS II SE in it. Of all the racing games I love this one to the core!; for it’s simplicity, for its twin player mode, for it’s features, and the best part, it doesn’t need any installation. It’s been almost a year that I’ve laid my hands on the game. It once used to play decently well on my desktop. Now for some reaon, It just doesn’t run. 🙁  We played with childish enthusiasm for almost half an hour when a call from home brought me back to reality. With a brief shower and haily winds the drive back home was just great! Driving ain’t that bad! After all passions remain passions 🙂

Had my food and practised the Guitar for a while. Well, May 2nd is done with! I now sit before the comp. and start contemplating on tomorrows plans. Any Ideas? No! No! No! I can hear it coming close! No Computer classes 🙂 I’m gonna suffer another two years with that lingo! Give me a break!  Probably i’ll look out for classes on Roller skates  or rather get back to swimmingt!  🙂

Hey,  there’s a sudden hailstorm out here, Going out for now! 🙂

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