Harnessing the power of the 440LX

3 thoughts on “Harnessing the power of the 440LX”

  1. I was surviving on a 440 BX till about a year back. Well, let me think – That’s right from 1999 to 2006. 🙂 I had to lost about 8 GB of storage space on a 40 GB, ‘coz my processor couldn’t address more than that.. 🙂 I thoroughly abused the PC, started with Windows 95, moved to Windows 98, ran dual boot on Mandrake, and later Redhat, and then Windows ME, and finally, Win XP, dual boot with Mandrake. 🙂 I’ve never had a single problem with the PC, except for the lack of a USB port, which I later overcame by purchasing a hub for Rs. 200 (in Kanchipuram!). 😀 I used to burn my CD’s at 8X speed on an ancient HP CD-R/RW drive. Oh yeah, had 64 MB of RAM originally, and then dumped it and picked up a 128 MB stick.

  2. srikanth’s experiments were succesful ( GOD KNOWS!!!) to some extent or the other. but ill bet that he never tried out initially on his so called 440lx.
    myself and my computer used to fall prey every alternate day….
    it sustained severe hard disk injuries
    dude …
    thanks for formatting my system a million times….

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