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A week through…

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It’s almost been a week that I’ve been attending Guitar classes…Today’s been the worst day! 🙁

Had a really bad day yesterday regarding a few petty issues..Slept at about 1:00 am and when at 6:15 am my cell started beeping, I just didn’t have the mood to hop out of bed. After a few minutes of incessant flipping, I managed to shred the lazy soul; had a cup of coffee and even then was contemplating on whether I really did want to go to Melowings. Anyways, just drove down to the place .

Practised yesterday’s lessons for a few minutes and started the “Sparkling star” note. ( Never mind, if you haven’t heard of that, It’s the same “Twinkle Twinkle little star” rhyme…They probably call it that way, just to keep your ego at bay.) Practised for ten minutes or so , only when it struck me I wasn’t playing what i was supposed to play 🙂 All that I was doing was striking the cords in an arbitrary fashion unknowingly (trying to crack new notes huh! )Whatever I did , I just couldn’t gather the concentration to play the guitar. And when my lack of concentration reached it’s peak, I just walked out of the room promising to get back tomorrow with a livened spirit…

Let’s see what’s in store tomorrow ..oops today, It’s already 12:15 am 🙂 I better hit the bed now, lest I have to write another post tomorrow morning…..


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